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With decades of combined experience in the field of anti-aging and age management, our doctors and support staff are fully prepared to handle all of your personal Hormone Replacement Therapy needs. However, we don't feel that it's enough to stop there. Not only can we help you reach a richer life through testosterone, sermorelin and amino acid treatments, but we also offer a fully fledged, individualized Wellness Plan.

You can feel confident that the path we lay out for you will be efficient and effective. All of our wellness plans are individually tailored to each customer in order to achieve the best results for you and your needs. We are here to help you and if any issues arise, our response team will handle them within a matter of hours.

Wellness Plan

From basic fitness tips to a full diet and exercise plan, our team can work with you to prepare a Wellness Plan in addition to your Testosterone or Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy that will allow you to embrace a whole new, healthier way of living. Not only will this give you more confidence and endurance, keeping up a full wellness routine will allow you to enjoy life more than just exercise or HRT ever could alone.

Your initial consultation will consist of a brief physical exam and a conversation with one of our physicians to discuss your symptoms and goals. Through this meeting and an extensive lab panel, we will determine which course of treatment will be most beneficial to you!


Testosterone is the principal male hormone. It appears in men in quantities of up to 8 times the amount seen in women. Strong levels of testosterone are essential for sexual activity and energy, muscle and bone mass growth, and even the prevention of osteoporosis. It promotes the primary sexual characteristics of men and is responsible for greater health, longer life and general well-being.

Low-T, also referred to as low testosterone or andropause, begins occurring in men as early as age 30, though symptoms are usually first noticed closer to age 40. Testosterone levels in men can decline at a rate of roughly 1% every year after the age of 30. Men suffering the symptoms of low-T may feel a lowered libido, less energy and accumulating belly fat. However, those are only the more obvious, immediate symptoms.

Andropause is also linked to osteoporosis, as well as Alzheimer's Disease. Due to testosterone being primarily responsible for the health of the prostate, lower testosterone levels also put men at higher risk of prostate cancer. And of course since testosterone is a very masculine hormone, reduced testosterone levels are linked very closely to erectile dysfunction.

By undergoing hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, you can increase your testosterone levels and correct the other aspects of your health as you reach an age of maturity. This will reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, osteoporosis and prostate cancer while simultaneously giving you a renewed vigor in life. Within a matter of weeks from the start of therapy, men experience heightened sexual activity, greater and faster brain responsiveness, reduced fat, a healthier heart and an overall renewed body.

Growth Hormone Stimulating Hormone (GHRH)

Human growth hormone(or HGH) is a peptide hormone. While it serves a number of functions, it primarily supports the cultivation, propagation and regeneration of key body cells. In short, HGH is the reason for youthful vitality. It can increase muscle density, give you more energy, renew your sexual libido, reduce your body fat, improve mental performance and strengthen your heart! It is more than just a chemical, more than just a peptide hormone, it's responsible for the feeling that comes with being young.

Low HGH production is also responsible for the opposite symptoms, those often associated with aging. It leads to reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, depression, forgetfulness, higher blood pressure, difficulty sleeping and increased belly fat. All of these symptoms men are told are simply an inevitable part of growing older are now observable and controllable by modern science.

We spend a lot of time on this site talking about hormone replacement therapy, and that's exactly what Sermorelin is. It is not itself a human growth hormone, but rather a growth hormone releasing analogue. This means that by undergoing a treatment of Sermorelin, it is possible to allow your body to naturally restore your growth hormone levels. As men reach ages beyond 30, they begin to see declining growth hormone reproduction which can lead to many commonly accepted symptoms of aging such as increased body fat, poor memory and loss of musculature.

The aging process can be scary. It can be depressing. It can even lead men to question themselves, and their purpose. But it doesn't have to be. It's a natural part of life that all men undergo, and 20 years ago it was a frightening prospect. With the help of medical science and further understanding, we now know that this is no longer the case. This fate is now not only avoidable, but aging can now be an exciting and natural part of life.

HGH replacement therapy has a simple purpose, which is to correct the decline of human growth hormone production as the body gains years. However, it can have a variety of benefits! It can make you feel like you're 20 again. Our patients experience a healthier lifestyle, a more active and pleasurable sex life, and a brighter outlook on their life.


Q. Does my insurance cover treatment?

     A.No. We do not accept insurance and will not be filing any claims on your behalf for your exam or your treatment program. Lab work, however, is most often covered by insurance.

Q. How much will this cost me?

     A. Your initial consultation and physical exam will be approximately 1 hour long and is billed at a flat rate of $350.00.

After your initial exam and lab work, the cost will be determined by whichever path of treatment you qualify for and varies from patient to patient.

We do not participate in any insurance and will not be filing claims on your behalf. Many of our patients, however, do use their Flexible Spending (FSA) accounts.

Laboratory testing is most often covered by insurance and will vary depending on the location and physician you are seeing.

Q. How quickly will I see results?

     A. Results vary, but noticeable results are most often seen between 2-5 weeks after beginning therapy. It takes about 2 weeks for the medications to have a chance to get into your system and make any sort of noticeable difference.

Q. Is this an ongoing therapy?

     A. Hormone Replacement and Testosterone Replacement Therapy is tailored to each patients individual needs and deficiencies. Perpetual therapy is rare but necessary in some instances. Most therapies will be administered in cycles, giving your body time to restart it's natural production of hormones in between each cycle.

Q. Do you offer creams or gels?

     A. We believe that the injectable form of most medications that we prescribe is the most effective form. However, we realize that some patients have an aversion to this type of administration, and some patients simply do not need a very strong dose. In these cases, we will prescribe creams or gels as necessary.

Low-T Quiz

This quiz is the industry standard ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male) Questionnaire. ADAM is more widely known as Low Testosterone or Low-T.

Select any of the following statements that apply to you. This will calculate your score which, along with a physical exam and laboratory testing, will be used to determine if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is right for you.

I am experiencing a decrease in Libido.

I am experiencing a lack of energy.

I am experiencing a decrease in strength and/or endurance.

I am losing height.

I am experiencing a decrease in "enjoyment of life".

I have been feeling sad and/or "grumpy".

My erections have been less potent.

I have been experiencing a derease in my ability to exercise.

There has been a deterioration in my work performance.

I have seen increasing fat deposits around my abdomen, hips, or thighs.

Your Score Is: 0

Anything under 3 is a pretty low score. However, if you answered yes to Questions 1 or 7, your symptoms could still be caused by Low Testosterone. The only way to know for sure is to schedule some lab work and find out what your levels are. Fill out the form below and one of our knowledgeable counselors will contact you to discuss your symptoms and set up a consultation.

If your score is 4 or greater, you are likely experiencing symptoms such as fatigue and low libido. These symptoms are very likely caused by Low Testosterone or Low-T. Fill out the form below, and we will contact you to tell you more about how Testosterone Treatment could help you!


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